School ECA Programs

          We, Thai Canadian Community Sports, are a sports development school recognised and registered under the Ministry of Education since 2008. Currently, we have over 2,000 members from over 90 schools.

          Initially, we set out to promote the importance of developing fundamental skills through sports, particularly gymnastics and swimming. However, as the popularity of gymnastics continued to grow without many available options for students to pursue it, a number of schools reached out and requested extending our services to help in developing after school gymnastics programs for them. We were heavily relied upon for our plethora of experience in this field as well as our comprehensive understanding and attentiveness towards the future goals of the schools in regards to the development of the program.

          In light of our prolific experiences, we continually refine and improve the quality of our services, and are confident in the high caliber of our full range offerings to our ECA partnerships.

          We at TCCS offer the program organization and teaching of gymnastics as an after school activity programs in international schools. Our coaches have received the love and trust of several international schools in Thailand since 2017, and our programs are designed to match the specific needs of the students of each school.

          International schools that have placed their trust in our after school activity programs and created a partnership with us:

          King's College International School Bangkok, Wellington College International School Bangkok, Shrewsbury International School (City Campus), St.Andrews International School (Dusit Campus), St.Andrews International School (Sathorn Campus), The American School of Bangkok and Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School.

          Not only do we send in our own coaches to teach the after school activity programs at the international school, but we also have a facilities planning team that can oversee the entire process of designing a gym space and setting up the necessary equipment for all targeted age groups.

          We set up equipment suitable for younger children as well as equipment of an international standard in order to accommodate for the range of skill sets in different age groups. This will give students the chance to level up and take their gymnastics learning further to an international standard.

          Finally, we at TCCS offer the designing and manufacturing of training and competition leotards to international schools in Thailand and to foreign clubs in different countries.